About Bullzi Media

About Bullzi Media

Bullzi Media

Founded by advertising executives that worked with top traditional & digital ad agencies. We cater to small and mid-sized companies that are passed over by larger agencies due to lack of significant media budget. We are experts in all things digital media including but not limited too many types of display advertising (including web banner advertising), mobile advertising, search engine marketing and social media marketing. We focus on utilizing many media targeting strategies such as behavioral, contextual, social, predictive match & retargeting!

We know where in the purchase cycle your consumer is and deliver the proper messaging to that consumer thus producing significantly higher conversion rates! It's all about showing the right consumer the right message at the right time. We are experts from brand awareness to direct response.

We help you optimize your ad spend

Bullzi offers all things digital media! From RTB (Real Time Bidding), Digital Media Buying / Planning Services and Digital TV & Traditional Media Planning / Buying to complete Website optimization Guidance and Account Management Services.

We will put together your strategic digital media plans, buy based on years of negotiation experience within all major DSP(s), Exchanges & Ad Networks. All while producing a higher ROI/conversion rate then your current media firm.